Baju Melayu Slim Fit (Moss Green)



Baju Melayu Slim Fit Mint Green Bulan Bintang

Bulan Bintang’s signature Baju Melayu cekak musang with slim fit cutting without pesak, ideal for those who prefer a more elegant look.

The hidden side zip and arm zips on our Baju Melayu are specially designed to ease fitting and performing wudhu.

The bottom features an elasticated waistband that comes with zip and hook fastening.

This best-selling Baju Melayu is now available in Kids and 70 more colors to choose from.

Material: Korean Silky Versa

What’s inside the box/This product comes with:

  • Long sleeved Baju Melayu Slim Fit top
  • Long Baju Melayu Slim Fit pants
  • A set of Bulan Bintang’s signature Slim Fit button

* Color may differ from the actual goods due to lighting

How to purchase?
Whatsapp Admin: 013-2250505

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